virtual camera crew

The PLUS option of the Sienna NDI Processing Engine includes the Virtual Camera Crew module which provides up to 4 Region of Interest cuts of an incoming NDI stream using virtual PTZ camera emulation.


This type of workflow typically starts with a UHD NDI Input, derived from a UHD Camera locked off on a wide shot, and allows the operator to derive zoomed in regions of interest as sub-sources into the main UHD source. These sub sources which can be 1080i/p or 720p are new, discrete NDI Sources which can be used as dedicated inputs to a vision mixer, to cut between.



Setting up and controlling the regions of interest is easy - since each one emulates an NDI PTZ Camera, allowing control from any NDI PTZ Control system such as NewTek NDI Studio Monitor on Windows, Sienna NDI Monitor on Mac, or directly from production systems such as TriCaster, or even some hardware control systems. Once positioned, the region of interest can be stored into a Preset, for instant recall using NDI PTZ protocol. You can have a dedicated set of presets per virtual camera, or (since the original source image is the same) you can share a single set of presets available to each source.


Whilst the Virtual Camera Crew modules can output four different sources at the same time (so you could make a 4-box or other composite), if you are only cutting between shots - its also possible to use instant recall of PTZ Presets instead, which would significantly reduce the CPU load compared to running 4 outputs constantly.  In this way you can setup up to 10 virtual camera positions on PTZ presets then recall them with one click - the recall takes less than 1 frame to complete so its a seamless cut.


The NDI Processing Engine also has the AI-Mix module which uses artificial intelligence to analyse up to 6 audio sources, and which generates control instructions which can be used to drive various devices, including the Sienna NDI Vision Mixer.  Combining AI-Mix with the Metadata Engine, its also possible to make AI Mix control preset recall in the Virtual Camera Crew Module, allowing audio inputs to drive virtual camera position selection.