remote commentary workflow

The NDI Processing Engine includes all the ingredients needed for a sophisticated, powerful and scalable remote commentary solution for live sports and news.


The keys to remote commentary are:

- Low Latency video feed to commentator and return audio contribution.

- Low Bandwidth on video feed to accomodate remote viewers on domestic connection.

- Good Quality video to view, and good quality audio contribution.

- Cross platform client support for flexibility.

- zero license required at commentator end to allow for ad-hoc freelance operations.


All these primary considerations are provided by the NDI Processing Engine, using the SiennaLink TX video sending module (to be viewed with the free Sienna Remote Monitor app on macOS, Windows, or Linux), and the MumbleLink module - which combined with the murmur server provides remote intercom / return contribution using free Mumble client apps on macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS or Android.


A full raster, very low latency feed of the live source is provided via a SiennaLink connection to the remote commentator who views this in a window on a laptop (or via full screen or local NDI output, including any source audio). The commentator is also using a Mumble client to connect to the centralised intercom for direction.  This Mumble connect also provides a high quality, very low latency OPUS codec based return contribution so the commentary is fed back into the NDI Processing Engine where it can be combined with localised graphics to create a foreign language version of the stream.