vision mixer module

The PLUS option of the Sienna NDI Processing Engine includes a compact, powerful native NDI Vision Mixer. Featuring 6 Native NDI Video/Audio inputs and 1 NDI Fill and Key input, the module offers traditional GVG100-style vision mixing along with a useful Audio mixer.


The DSK function superimposes the Fill and Key input, and the Vision Mixer delivers PREVIEW, CLEAN, PROGRAM outputs along with an integrated multiviewer with audio levels, labels and switcher-specific Tally indication. The Multiviewer even shows the Fill and Key input with checkerboard and alpha displays.


To control the vision mixer, there is an elegant web interface, along with support for a range of physical controllers including JLCooper ION, Behringer XTouch Mini and XTouch Extender.  Like the rest of the NDI Processing Engine and Sienna NDI Infrastructure, the Vision Mixer module is equally at home on prem or running in AWS, Azure or Google Cloud. All of the supported physical controllers can still operate from your desk or OB van to control the vision mixer running in the cloud.


The NDI Processing Engine also has the AI-Mix module which uses artificial intelligence to analyse up to 6 audio sources, and which generates control instructions which can be used to drive various devices, including the Sienna NDI Vision Mixer.