signal orchestration glue for NDI

ND Processing Engine is a modular infrastructure to facilitate migration of SDI to NDI workflows, and enable a new generation of NDI based facilities.  It replaces racks full of traditional SDI glue modules, commonly used for tasks such as scaling, bug insertion, audio embedding, de-embedding and mixing, plus other video and audio processing.


Click HERE for the list of available processing modules



The system includes unlimited flexible multiviewers and a fully integrated vision mixer, an AI Mix automated Video Follows Audio Controller, and a Virtual Camera Crew for deriving PTZ regions of interest in a locked off UHD shot.  There is also the unique 'contribution manager' module which streamlines the process of managing lots of external live contribution feeds or guests, automatically controlling assignments of mix minus, intercom etc.



To complete your production workflow, ND Processing Engine also offers 4, 8 and 16 Channel Intercom modules, compatible with NDI, DANTE, and AES67 devices, plus analog audio via PCI/USB audio interfaces.  It also includes a server for the open source mumble intercom and a module to interface mumble NDI sources. The intercom forms a critical part of a remote commentary solution enabled by the NDI Processing Engine



It can also be used to bridge between other IP video formats, with modules to perform tasks including AES67, SRT H.264/AAC Video/Audio stream conversion to NDI and NDI restreaming as various IP Stream formats including as transport streams. The UNITE web browser based contribution system provides an easy uplink for anyone.



ND Processing Engine also includes SRT transmit and receive modules to enable reliable transport of MPEG Transport Streams across continents between Processing Engine systems, as well as interchange between SRT and NDI. ND Processing Engine also supports the revolutionary NDI over SRT Protocol which carries native NDI and NDI HX2 streams over the SRT wrapper without transcoding or additional latency.



ND Processing Engine includes the uniquely powerful and flexible UNITE browser based contribution system for assembling audiences, panels etc.


NDI Firewall - NDI  Infrastructure Bridging

ND Processing Engine features firewall / tieline modules which provide protected bridging of selected NDI streams between discreet closed network sections or locations.  NDI over SRT provides another layer of secure native NDI interconnect between remote systems.



ND Processing Engine also includes signal generators and a wide range of scopes and monitors including waveform monitors, vectorscopes, and audio metering.  NDI Processing Engine has rich integration and API control for complex workflow monitoring, message flow processing integration with Node RED and other process automation.


As part of a migration program from SDI to IP Video, ND Processing Engine can massively reduce costs, and rack space by replacing massive amounts of dedicated video hardware with generic COTS computing systems. A fast dual CPU Xeon or i9 computer can do the work of an entire floor to ceiling rack of traditional processing modules, all configured in a web browser from a generic pool of CPU resources. The entire signal chain can be reconfigured in seconds - using the same hardware to perform a completely different set of functions, in a different configuration.



The Sienna ND Processing Engine is a dynamic processing infrastructure constructed and controlled via a graphics web interface where users can drag modules into the processing chain,  connect them together and control parameters.   It also includes Sienna NDI WebLink to provide web browser based viewing of any NDI sources on your network even from iPhone or iPad. Dedicated Web Apps are available for some types of control such as recording (see below), and custom web apps can be developed for turnkey workflows.



Sienna ND Processing Engine comes with a standard set of processing modules, with more specialist modules available in the PLUS and ADVANCED add-on options. Click HERE for a list of standard, PLUS and ADVANCED modules currently available.


 Custom module development is also available to maximise efficiency of your workflow, and to explore even more technical capabilities of this amazing platform. For specialist and custom applications the ADVANCED option provides extended capabilities.


Already in use by some of the world's leading broadcasters, Sienna ND Processing Engine is available for Ubuntu Linux, and also works seamlessly in the cloud.


More details of the Processing Engine and all its modules are available in this white paper.