Full ndi or HX2 plus audio
over stable wifi or wired connection

A common request  has been an app for AppleTV for convenient monitoring of NDI Sources. Following the huge demand this technical challenge has finally been conquered.


Apple TV 4K is a fantastic device to deliver your needs for NDI endpoints around your AV facility or studio. The hardware works perfectly out of the box and a single download gets you up and running with a powerful, 100% compatible, 100% reliable NDI to HDMI endpoint for monitors, projectors and other displays.


NDI Monitor for AppleTV HD or AppleTV 4K connects to the proxy or full quality stream of full NDI or NDI HX2 sources or on your local subnet, and presents video and audio. For smooth streaming of video and audio the wired gigabit connection to an AppleTV 4K is recommended, although a very stable and solid WIFI is workable in many cases.


Please note, this app is not recommended for moderate or poor WIFI environments. In general a wired connection is advisable. NDI HX1 is not supported.


Apple TV 4K (2021 model) provides really low latency perfect playback of Full NDI Streams up to UHDp60. Up to UHDp30 is also supported on the previous generation AppleTV 4k.


Apple TV HD (4th gen) has a 100mBit Ethernet port and so may suffer latency and dropped frames on some NDI Streams exceeding 100mBit.  A very high quality WIFI connection can deliver more than 100mBits to the Apple TV HD and will potentially  allow smooth operations with these sorts of stream.


For lowest latency ensure your AppleTV HDMI video setting matches the frame rate of the incoming NDI Source. For example, if your source is 60FPS and your HDMI is set to 50FPS you may observe more latency than if it was also set to 60FPS.


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