ndi firewall - tieline system

The NDI Processing Engine includes a unique tieline / firewall system which can allow a pair of NDI Processing Engines act as a native NDI bridge between separate LAN segments, or locations connected with a high speed wide area network.  The tieline modules allow you to 'publish' specific NDI streams out of a closed network and across to the partner tieline module in another network.


The connection is native NDI and as such has super low latency, with no quality loss, and can carry all the usual NDI features such as PTZ control and tally.  In case part of your firewall operation is to prevent remote PTZ control - this capability can be specifically disabled.


Since your NDI stream is leaving your closed network you may want to apply some access restrictions to prevent 3rd parties on the external network from viewing your content. To provide a layer of protection, the TieLine Firewall system can scramble the video content, using a randomised matrix which shifts picture macroblocks around the image. Since the scrambling is done at the macroblock level, this process does not compromise the image once unscrambled.


If your workflow demands NDI Stream sharing across a high performance network between closed subnets which are otherwise isolated, the NDI Firewall TieLine system in the NDI Processing Engine can provide a seamless, high performance connection with confidence that 3rd parties outside of your network segment cannot access the unscrambled stream without the appropriate scramble key.