wide area network video options

comparison of available technologies

Sienna Cloud for NDI NDProcessingEngine SRT-MPEGTS SiennaLink Server / Remote Monitortor NDProcessingEngine SiennaLink
# Channels unlimited unlimited ONE unlimited
Auto Discovery YES NO NO NO
Centralised Single Point of Config YES NO NO NO
On Demand Source Selection YES NO NO NO
Multicam Sync YES NO NO NO
Remote PTZ Camera Control YES NO NO NO
Remote Tally YES NO NO NO
Retain Alpha Channel YES NO NO NO
GOP Structure Protection YES* NO YES* YES*
QOS Monitoring Real Time Stats in Web GUI NO NO NO
Bandwidth Control YES YES YES YES
Simple Relay (no transcode) NO YES NO NO
Port Forwarding Either Side Receiver Side Server Side Server Side
Transport StreamCertain (Discrete Essence) SRT (MPEG Transport Stream) SRT (Discrete Essence) SRT (Discrete Essence)
Codec H.264 Typically H.264 H.264 H.264
Audio PCM Typically AAC PCM PCM
License All Nodes All Nodes Server Side Only Server Side Only
Latency very low low (very low for simple relay) very low very low
WAN Protocol Compatibility Another NDI.Cloud Node Most SRT Devices (MPEG TS) SiennaLink Remote Monitor Client Remote Monitor  / SiennaLink RX
End Point Compatibility NDI Various NDI, MPEG TS, etc NDI NDI
Server Platform Mac, Linux Mac, Linux  Mac, Windows, Linux Mac, Linux
Target Facilities or OB Van Interconnect Ad-hoc Wan connection Remote Edit Monitoring Remote Monitoring / Video Links
* GOP Structure Protection : Even when bandwidth is consistently insufficient, the GOP structure will never breakup - it will just drop frames at the source before encoding
Systems from other vendors will break the GOP structure where bandwidth is consistently insufficient, even with reliable protocols like SRT